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Coming to Our Senses

https://youtu.be/4ikEiqJG6u4 If you want to skip the video then I recommend you either read teh intro below or download or listen to:SENSORY AWARENESS MEDITATION WITH INTRO If you already watched the video or listened to the audio track above, then you may wish to go ahead and: LISTEN OR DOWNLOAD THE SENSORY AWARENESS MEDITATION W/O INTRO  …

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Defining Trauma: What does that word really mean ANYWAYS???

A few weeks ago on my Bodywisdom Wednesday FB Live, I made THIS VIDEO defining a word that is being thrown around social media a lot lately and often being misused or misunderstood. This is a word that can spark emotion just hearing it, and so I thought it would be of service to spend some time …

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Nervous System Healing for Joy, Resilience & Freedom

FROM THE GROUND UP ~ NERVOUS SYSTEM HEALING FOR JOY, RESILIENCE & FREEDOM with Irene Lyon ~ (one of my teachers!) Irene teaches people around the world how to work with the nervous system to transform trauma, heal body and mind, and live full, creative lives. To date her online work has helped literally thousands …

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Breaking the Push/Burnout Cycle

Have you ever found yourself trapped in a cycle of push-push-pushing yourself (and your body) until you actually simply cannot anymore, and then you crash? Maybe you get sick or maybe you just get so exhausted that you can barely get out of bed on the weekend, or maybe you find yourself feeling depressed and …

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6 Ways to Support Your Body, Mind & Spirit Through the Solstice

Art by: Sandra Dieckmann Today I want to share with you some critical ways you can support your body, mind and spirit as we enter mid-winter in the Northern Hemisphere. For those of you in the Southern Hemisphere most of these tips are actually great for you to follow to some degree as well. Both …

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On Gratitude, Vulnerability & Daily Practice

This morning I was woken up fully into the present moment by a Song Sparrow landing on my right hip. I was already awake, resting in bed and noticing the waning moon in between the two fir trees to the south of our deck, when this sparrow decided that my duvet made a good perch. …

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Awakening Self-Compassion

Today’s Bodywise Wednesday theme is about one of the most important keys to healing. (Scroll down for the video)… In my recent Awakening the Felt Sense Series, we discussed the skill of developing our capacity for feeling our bodies in order to become our own medicine.  And yet there is another very critical skill we must develop …

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Awakening the Felt Sense Part III ~ Awakening Breath

Awakening the breath is one of the key steps  to building the capacity of our nervous system so we can access more joy and more resilience. If you haven’t already seen Part I & II of this series, Awakening the Felt Sense, please start here.  If you are someone who has a hard time being …

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Awakening the Felt Sense, Part II ~ Awakening Skin

Last week on Bodywise Wednesday, I introduced the concept of Awakening the felt sense in the body. If you haven’t read Awakening the Felt Sense Part I , I recommend reading that first by clicking here. Awakening the felt sense is one of the primary keys to Somatic Awakening/Healing because in order to process any held …

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