Coming to Our Senses If you want to skip the video then I recommend you either read teh intro below or download or listen to:SENSORY AWARENESS MEDITATION WITH INTRO If you already watched the video or listened to the audio track above, then you may wish to go ahead and: LISTEN OR DOWNLOAD THE SENSORY AWARENESS MEDITATION W/O INTRO  …

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Breaking the Push/Burnout Cycle

Have you ever found yourself trapped in a cycle of push-push-pushing yourself (and your body) until you actually simply cannot anymore, and then you crash? Maybe you get sick or maybe you just get so exhausted that you can barely get out of bed on the weekend, or maybe you find yourself feeling depressed and …

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Awakening Self-Compassion

Today’s Bodywise Wednesday theme is about one of the most important keys to healing. (Scroll down for the video)… In my recent Awakening the Felt Sense Series, we discussed the skill of developing our capacity for feeling our bodies in order to become our own medicine.  And yet there is another very critical skill we must develop …

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