Sacred Self Trust ~ The Anatomy of Trust with Brene Brown

Part of ending the self-sabotage/body breakdown/burnout cycle and entering (and staying in) a healing “upspiral” cycle in our lives is redeveloping what I call Sacred Self Trust.  Sacred Self Trust actually goes hand-in-hand with healthy boundaries, which I’m going to talk about in next week’s blog. So as you watch this video, and as Brene …

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Recently I’ve been working with essential oils as a part of my “resource kit” for healing for both myself and my clients. The company I’m getting my oils from has an array of pure, therapeutic grade alchemical blends. Listen. My mind isn’t easily blown. I’m actually kind of a skeptic. But I’ve got to say, …

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Caffeine – Why not?

Here’s why I don’t do caffeine as a daily thing. When we take in stimulants like coffee, black tea and yes, even the “healthy” versions (which ARE easier on your digestion for SURE) green tea & matte…here is why we have more energy. These stimulants kick our adrenals into high gear. The adrenals basically get …

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Thyroid Self-Assessment

Is Your Thyroid Low? As you go through the questions, rate your answers to each question between 1-3 (1 being sometimes or a little, 3 being always or intense) high cholesterol? An additional few pounds (or 25) that you just can’t lose Cold hands & feet? cold intolerance? heat intolerance? Drawn to heat & sensitive …

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