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Somatic Therapy is different than traditional talk therapy which uses the “thinking brain” to sort things out. It is a body-based approach rather than a cognitive approach.

From the somatic perspective, the body is seen as the ‘holder of all memory & information’, both historic and current, and both traumatic and neutral.

Through Somatic Therapy we have the opportunity to update the information held in the body and to release old historic trauma patterns both personal and ancestral.

The Somatic approach is based on mindfully feeling/listening to and witnessing the body. It is like an assisted self-awareness practice. Somatic awareness gives you access to a different kind of knowing ~ the direct wisdom of the body.

This awareness works with the principle of ‘where attention goes energy flows,’ so through awareness we can also allow trauma energy that has been stuck in the body, sometimes for decades, to move & release.

As this energy moves, there is more space created and we feel more joy and ease on all levels.

We come closer to our innate natural state of being ~ more relaxed and yet also more fully alive.

Life becomes easier as we can access moment-to-moment body wisdom to guide our choices, which then keeps us healthier and happier, and guides us towards even greater awareness and self-actualization.

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