The Power of Recognizing & Accepting What Is

RECOGNITION ~ this is the moment when blissful (jk) ignorance is suddenly (whether intentional or not) replaced by awareness. This moment can be uncomfortable to say the least, but generally ignorance is not actually bliss when it comes to our body & deeper well-being.

What I’ve found is that if the body is talking (pain or pleasure) it usually means it has an important something to say and is actually trying to benefit you overall.

So noticing what’s happening that isn’t awesome – even if it’s very uncomfortable – is generally the most important step towards your life/health being awesome.

This is where we can get really confused by a lot of the more new agey, “only think happy thoughts” propaganda that is out there these days.

Here’s why:

If you’re driving along and suddenly you notice you have a flat tire, thinking happy thoughts isn’t going to fix your tire. In fact, if you keep driving at full tilt down the highway thinking happy thoughts, it’s pretty likely that you will very soon end up in a very bad accident.

Sounds ridiculous, and yet we do this all the time with our own bodies and our well-being!

So of course when we get a flat tire, we need to pull over to the side of the road so we can take the next steps to get us to our destination ~ SAFELY!

So RECOGNIZING the flat tire is the first step.

We don’t over-ride what we notice thinking happy thoughts will get us to our destination. We pull over and we check it out.

In this step we get curious.
“Hmmm….feels like something is off with my steering…maybe I should slow down…

(Slow down & observe) …Yup, definitely something off. I better pull over and check it out…

(Pull over, get out of car…) Oh look, a flat tire.

Which leads us to the next step.

This is usually where my Quebecoise boyfriend swears in French. I of course never swear because I am so Buddha-like. Just kidding. Actually it’s been proven that people who swear have less heart attacks – but I digress.

ACCEPTANCE is the next step.

So after we finish cursing etc, (or before even once we’re really astute at this process lol)

…we can choose to notice that the tire is INDEED flat, and we cannot unflatten it by swearing.

THIS is where Happy Thoughts/Gratitude/Prayer can be useful.

FIRST we have to RECOGNIZE what is happening and that in fact, nothing is under control 🙂

At this point in all manner of situations, what I’ve generally noticed is that if I can assume that whatever is happening (flat tire, pulled ligament, insomnia, etc)  has probably happened for some wonderful reason, then I am much more available, open and aware if/when that wonderful reason shows up.

For me personally a lot of the sh*t I’ve had to work through is now really (like really) benefitting my clients because I’ve been to hell and back again so I know the road, basically.

So that is a huge blessing in itself.

But I’ve often had it happen that I get a flat tire and end up meeting somebody important, or I get my faith in humanity renewed by the kindness of strangers…

And I know – it doesn’t always happen this way, but sometimes it’s actually hard to notice the blessings when they come if we don’t have our ear tuned to pick up the notes.

I heard a story of a man who was in a concentration camp and they were rounding up prisoners to be executed.

He had gotten herded into the random grouping of those who were to be shot, when a fight broke out and he got shoved hard from behind.

So hard that he was shoved past the guards back into the other group that wasn’t to be executed.

Needless to say, he lived to tell the story.

He didn’t suddenly get transported to a beach in Hawaii drinking Pina Coladas, but his prayers were answered in the best way they could be in that moment.

So ACCEPTANCE, my dears, is a critical step, because when we recognize that nothing is under control, we have the opportunity to surrender to something greater.

Next week I’m going to talk about the next two steps ~ Allowing & Transformation.

In the meantime, please comment below ~ I’d love to hear of a time when you practiced these two steps ~ recognition & acceptance ~ and what happened.

OR share where you think it might be useful to apply these two steps more in your life.

In love & light,