In shame we contract – in self-expression we expand.

Because we tell ourselves we shouldn’t expand – we shouldn’t even exist.

In shame there is a deeper story of having done wrong or worse yet – BEEN wrong. To be wrong at the core of our beings is such a powerfully destructive belief because if we believe we are wrong, at our very core, this comes with a host of other beliefs.

We believe there is not room for us on the earth.

We prioritize everyone else’s needs before our own, and maybe we lose track of what we need completely.

We believe we are not worthy of love and acceptance unless we shape ourselves into something we’re not.

We believe we must hide and stay small in order to stay safe.

If we are forced to choose between acceptance into the tribe (usually our family of origin) or being our true self, we will choose acceptance. That’s just survival.

So what does it take? What does it really take to bust out of this mould, release shame and allow the expression of who we truly are to carry us with grace?

Watch the video below to explore transforming shame into grace with Josea & Zoey.

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