Are you struggling with chronic stress, overwhelm and self-sabotaging habits and ready to break the cycle?

Do you find yourself doubting your intuition, power and your ability to have what you really REALLY want?

If that sounds like you and you are ready to reclaim the power of your soul's essence and would like a deep immersion experience to get you started, this is for you.

Only 3 spots left this autumn to spend a day in one of the world’s most beautiful & wild places with Josea and go deeper than you’ve ever gone before to reclaim the true power of your own wild soul.

This is a private 1:1 retreat where you will have my full attention and support ~ so that in a very short time you can experience a shift that will last a lifetime.

Arrive on the island late afternoon/evening to a deep Shamanic Bodywork session so that your body/mind/soul lands fully from your journey and your whole being can be grounded here for our time together. Here we will also explore the question and purpose of your journey and set intention for the rest of our time together.

The session takes place at your cottage, so you can move directly from our session time into deep rest without needing to drive anywhere. You can simply relax into dreamtime with nothing else to take care of and drift into sleep to the sound of the sacred land all around you.

Awaken to a nourishing breakfast and we begin our day outside with Sacred Movement where I support you to reclaim ease & grace in the way you move your body ~ because the way we move our body is the way we move our soul through life ~ let it be with ease & grace.

Our sacred movement session transitions into a Medicine Walk where you wander with intention and spaciousness to reconnect with your wild soul with the direct support of nature. This is a solo journey and it is recommended that you bring a question ~ a nourishing packed lunch is provided.

Afternoon Session:

Shamanic Bodywork Session #2 ~ carrying your experiences and stories of your Medicine Walk into this next session supports both the deepening of understanding your journey into the forest as well as opening up the soul-body awareness & connection so that in just a few hours you can experience a whole new level of letting go INTO the body ~ past clients have said that they experienced a level of connection & relaxation so deep that they could hear the wisdom of their body speak. This process builds a whole new level of knowing & trust in yourself.

It is recommended that you complete the day with journalling/nap time, or a walk on the beach.

All meals & accommodation included.


~ 3 day “Deep Dive” Soul Rewilding Retreat also available ~ please indicate if you prefer 1 or 3 days on your application form.

~ Would you prefer for me to come to you? Ask me about creating a 1-3 day Soul Rewilding personal retreat for you where YOU live.

If this sounds like what you need, take the first step by applying for a free 30 minute Soul Breakthrough Session with Josea.